Flamingo Tyre Gel-1liter


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Adopting special formula, this product is made by water-proof polymer technique combined with ozone, can keep the tire a fresh luster for a long time, prevent it from cracking, aging and fading and prolong the service life of tire if use regularly. High gloss for your tyres lasts weeks, not just days …… even through heavy rain.

*Tyres stay black with a rich high gloss.

*less mess with no over spray, no drips and no more stained driveways.

*Save money by lasting longer.


1. Clean tires before application.
2. Shake it well before using.
3. Apply medium amount of concentrated gel on a foam applicator or soft cloth and spread evenly across clean, dry tyres.
4. Wipe off excess(especially in grooved areas) to prevent spin-off which may permanently stain certain plastics.
5. For even higher shine, apply a second coat after waiting 10 minutes.
6. For less shine, wipe the tyres immediately after application with a soft cloth, if you see any blemishes or streaking reapply to that areas.
7. Do not apply to vinyl or painted surfaces, bicycles or motorcycles.

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Flamingo Tyre Gel-1liter